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Delfin Tecnoil 100 MPI Industrial Vacuum

  • Delfin, Delfin Tecnoil 100 MPI Industrial Vacuum
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The new Tecnoil 100 MPI is a single phase industrial vacuum, designed to respond to the requirements of mechanical and engineering industries for an oil and swarf vacuum being at the same time powerful, compact, competitively priced and almost maintenance free. By fulfilling all these requirements, this model is widely appreciated and employed in both small and large industries.


  • One single machine to vacuum, seperate and recover or dispose the cutting oil mixed with metal chips.
  • Powerful suction thanks to three by-pass motors.
  • Compact and maneuverable, perfect for use in narrow spaces.
  • 100% steel construction.
  • Liquids level control thanks to the folating to stop the suction, and visual level detector.
  • Detachable container with integrated sieve basket, for separation of metal chips.
  • Fast discharge system of the collected liquids.
  • Specific oil proof wheels and gasket.

Product Code: Tecnoil100MPI


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